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Woman to Woman blog

Can men and women just be friends? How do you cope with infertility? Is singleness to be celebrated? Get to grips with topics for women in all stages of life.

Speaking on the 'Woman to Woman' programme on Premier Christian Radio, Bethany MacDonald explained why she's launching Click to Kick - an eight... More

What image comes to mind when I say the word ‘missionary’? Perhaps you imagine someone preaching in the jungle with a translator, or a person... More

Today’s phone-in discussion uncovered the possibility that there could be far more rape victims in our churches than perhaps we realise, either... More

Sitting in my study, I was hugely aware that there is an epidemic of codependency radically sweeping much of the world. More

When was the last time you faced a small challenge? More

Last weekend I decided to dress up like a mechanic and speak at Youth Work Summit Conference in Kent. A ted talk equivalent, looking at how do... More

This week my friend and I did a vulnerable thing – we swapped recordings of one another’s singing voices. It was both fun and scary, because... More

I had the pleasure of writing for Moral Revolution just recently. I’m a huge supporter of their work and all the team do from counselling people... More

I have a confession: I often think of myself as a ghost. I don’t do this consciously, needless to say, but there is something about my self-identity... More

I’ve something a little different this week – a reader got in touch with her own God and Suffering story and, although I don’t usually do this,... More

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