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With most of us owning profiles on social media sites and having access to numerous TV channels, unfortunately it's easy to let these things consume our time, instead of dedicating ourselves to regular... More

Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, jihadists or ISIS…and the list simply goes on! More

So what are you going to buy him for Christmas? That one person in your life who is impossible to buy for? It’s always a “him” isn’t it? Women are easy... More

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Laura Harris Smith believes that we can learn to hear the voice of God as we speak. She spoke to Maria... More

Here’s why:The “Up Yours” Effect of IsolationThere’s something about the safety of isolation that brings out our worst. You know – the mild-mannered individual who, on strapping in behind the steering... More

One in three British children aged eight to fifteen don't know why we celebrate Good Friday, while for... More