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Trojan Horse report finds "aggressive Islamist agenda" in Birmingham schools

Tue 22 Jul 2014
By Desmond Busteed

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, a Christian, has described the government-ordered inquiry findings to MPs in the House of Commons, as 'disturbing'.

A report's revealed some people tried to introduce an "intolerant and aggressive Islamic ethos" in a small number of Birmingham schools.

The government ordered inquiry into the "Trojan horse" allegations found evidence of "co-ordinated, deliberate and sustained action" by individuals in positions of influence in schools and governing bodies.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has described the findings to MPs in the House of Commons as "disturbing", she said: "there is a clear account in the report of people in positions of influence in these schools with a restricted and narrow interpretation of their faith who have not promoted fundamental British values and who have failed to challenge the extremeist views of others."

The report has also revealed that schools in some parts of Birmingham were exposed to a "sustained and co-ordinated" effort to impose a strict Muslim agenda on pupils, according the a government investigation.

The inquiry was led by former anti-terror chief Peter Clarke, who said: "there is a group of associated individuals, in positions of influence in schools and governing bodies, who have, over quite a considerable period of time looked to introduce what could be descibed as an agressive islamist agenda."

The report found children failed to get a broad education and their horizons were narrowed.

Bhupinder Kondal claims she was forced out when she was principal of Oldknow Academy after she disagreed greed with some changes the school made, she said: "Christmas was cancelled and that was a major, major blow to us, and the Children were not allowed to celebrate Christmas. That was one of the main things that wasn't acceptable to myself."

Labour's Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt was critical of the government, blaming its "free market policy" and a lack of checks and balances in the academy school system for causing the scandal.

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