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Once we reached the other side, he greeted us. "You both look like friendly guys to talk to,” he said smiling. “My friends won't listen to me anyway."As we started walking together, John asked us if we... More

Featuring on our Inspirational Breakfast show this week (with John Pantry), Bill Wilson was truly affecting.... More

I gave a testimony at a Christian retreat this summer where I got to talk about my experiences sharing... More

It was a fitting title because there is nothing ordinary about sharing the Gospel. It’s extraordinary work. But I am just an ordinary person. I’ve never had any formal education in this area. I don’t have... More

Our electoral roll is 120 and weekly attendance 60 so the pool to catch church leaders in is small. Lay Christian formation and leadership is pivotal to our vitality even when we still have a full time... More

Throughout Holy Week on Premier Christian Radio you'll hear retellings of the Easter story, through the... More

March 2015: this is the month when I celebrate my birthday and when I hopefully begin to learn how I... More

Last night the Most Revd Justin Welby shared his wisdom on evangelism with our team here at Premier.... More

Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, jihadists or ISIS…and the list simply goes on! More