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James Corden talks of struggles with Christianity

Wed 17 Aug 2016
By Aaron James

British actor and TV presenter James Corden has shared his struggles with Christianity in a new television interview.

The Late Late Show host, who was raised in the Salvation Army, spoke of how he’s moved away from the faith he was brought up in, but suggested he still has a “hunch” that it could be true.

Speaking to friend and comedian John Bishop in an interview due to be broadcast on W next month, he said: "When you ask me what are my beliefs I really struggle because you can't argue with science, only a mad man would.

"There’s a great saying that it’s not the stuff you know that will undo you, it’s the stuff you think you know that just ain’t so. I feel like that about faith, I really don’t know."

While stating he would never go as far as saying he was a Christian, he said: "That relies on a greater belief than I have, but I absolutely do have a hunch that this can’t be for nothing."

Corden’s parents are still active in the Salvation Army and in his autobiography he tells of how his dad’s prayers helped him through a difficult time.



The 37-year-old also touched on his Christian upbringing in his sketch show Horne and Corden where he played an over zealous youth leader.

PA/Late Late Show


Since moving to the US, his chat show has received widespread praise - notably for his Carpool Karaokes, which has seen him sing in his car with a number of high profile musicians as well as First Lady Michelle Obama. He’s also taken on roles in Hollywood movies. 

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