Living with Alzheimers: Dr Jennifer Bute's story

The former Bishop of Durham The Right Reverend Dr David Jenkins has died after suffering with Alzheimer's disease for many years.

A number of public figures have famously disclosed their Alzheimer’s diagnoses in the past. President Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston and Charles Bronson also disclosed their conditions whilst they were still alive. Unfortunately not every person with Alzheimer’s has the opportunity to make that decision. Many people don't recognise early signs of the disease and wait until it's too late to see their doctor. 

This September is Alzheimer's month. 

Inspirational Breakfast's Deputy Programme Director & Editor, Lisa Mainwaring has been exploring this much misunderstood disease. Hear how she speaks with people who live with it, including Dr Jennifer Bute who used to diagnose dementia before she got it herself. She now talks at medical conferences about what it's like to have dementia from the inside. Listen to this thought provoking documentary called, 'Remember Me' which explores the hidden grace of Alzheimer's. 


Click play below to listen to the interview:

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