One of the devil’s top lies is that life is 'all about you.' That's according to Berni Dymet from Christianityworks. He says, 'At last count there were over 7 billion people walking planet earth. So if... More

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“But I often ask myself, when will they have a chance to relax, to appreciate beauty…life?” More

It was April and my music teacher had asked me to create a compelling composition to up my GCSE grade... More

I was in a critical mood, though, and I was frustrated with my singing voice for being neither soprano nor alto, neither high nor low. I’m a mezzo-soprano, mezzo meaning ‘middle’ and sounding like ‘messy’,... More

Most will know I’ve not had sex for 4 years. But that doesn’t meant I’ve been perfect in my journey, but it improves all the time in singledom, ensuring I have a whole bunch of people that will love me... More

I lived for several years in Oxford, a world of floating philosophies, where dead people’s ideas become more real than your stomach’s rumble to be fed. “Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and... More

Over the last little while on the program, we’ve been chatting together about the amazing transformation that the grace of God brings into our lives, I like to think of it as a grace transformation. If... More

As a trained singer, I knew how important it is to rest your voice. I whispered for a bit before reading that whispering can strain it more than letting it croak at its natural broken tone. I was silent... More

1. Bus friends are the kinds of friends you have for a season, and then they drift away. If you imagine life as a bus journey, these are the kinds of friends who sit next to you and chat companionably... More