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Sex & Relationships

I once heard the saying, “Marriage is like a bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.” Many married couples can admit to feeling this way, especially when times get rough and the honeymoon period... More

Some people believe that Christians get married to prevent themselves falling into sexual sin. But is that a good enough reason to tie the knot nowadays?... More

It was April and my music teacher had asked me to create a compelling composition to up my GCSE grade from a ‘Dd’ to a ‘Bb’. It was actually an ‘Ee’ after... More

Miriam Virgo is a Christian police officer who described herself on-air as a ‘multiple rape victim’. She has heard these hurtful comments first-hand and has directly experienced sympathy levels wane once... More

The StoryHere’s the story. In early May 2015, to quote humanosphere.org, Rick Warren and Elton John teamed up for global health, fronting a US Senate Appropriations Sub-committee to seek funding for, amongst... More

Most will know I’ve not had sex for 4 years. But that doesn’t meant I’ve been perfect in my journey, but it improves all the time in singledom, ensuring I have a whole bunch of people that will love me... More

Maria spoke to Jo Swinney about how suffering from depression can affect our relationships.  More

American Christian blogger Veronica Partridge announced recently that she plans to abstain from wearing tightly fitted leggings. And her blog post went viral among Christians and non-Christians alike,... More

But there are other things that just can’t be repeated for the sake of trust and connection: fabrications, dishonesty, adultery, addiction, rage, disrespect – that sort of repetition.They say grace loves... More

I remember, about 7 years ago, I fell head over heels in love with someone. Gosh he was handsome: blue eyes, a smile so flawless Colgate were willing to donate a generous bid for his teeth, body like Brad... More