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So, here are the 5 essential life skills that she demonstrated, that will help any person of any age not just survive…but thrive:1. The Centre of the Universe – NOTRemember, she’s just 5 years old. The... More

Pavlov’s DogsYou know the story of Pavlov’s dogs right?In his digestive research, Pavlov and his assistants would introduce a variety of edible and non-edible items to dogs, and measure the saliva production... More

The question is, what do we as parents and grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends do to help our young folk?The Upshot of the ArticleThe article, entitled Under the sway of social media has this to... More

So, what should you do, when things don’t go to plan?1.  ”Failure” is a Biblical ConceptSomewhere along the line, we got to thinking that success means that we’re in God’s will, and failure means that,... More

Just as well!But when we’re under pressure you and I, just the smallest thing can set us off, right?So…how do we get our anger under control?Slow DownThe secret to getting your anger under control is,... More

But God didn’t create you or me, to feel like that. He didn’t create you and me to be the Ugly Duckling. No. He has a much better plan for our lives than that.Much better.Here’s a seven and a half-minute... More

Let me shock you. It’s not just you. It’s not just your marriage.Passion dies eventually…in 100% of marriages. 100%!! According to author and marriage counsellor Dr David Clarke. But there is something... More

That was never God’s plan. Find out how you can stop that from happening – with 3 powerful things that you can do to tear down the wall in your marriage.One brick at a time.Why Does It Happen?Well, that’s... More

How is a family meant to hang together these days? Well, there are some simple answers!The ‘Good Old Days’I remember with great delight the days that I used to come home from school as a kid. I was allowed... More

That tells me something. It tells me that people care deeply about their families. As difficult and as strife torn as many families are, they really matter to us.Yet so many of us are disappointed when... More

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