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American Christian blogger Veronica Partridge announced recently that she plans to abstain from wearing tightly fitted leggings. And her blog post went viral among Christians and non-Christians alike,... More

Somewhere deep in the city of Istanbul, I got out of the cab and walked into the building, then took the elevator up to their apartment. I’ve never been in an elevator quite like that one – it had no inside... More

“I must be such a disappointment to God.” That was my first though when I began to seriously consider that the dark clouds in my mind might not be circumstantial, but depression. I was raised in a Christian... More

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been reams of analyses and volumes of interviews regarding... More

But there are other things that just can’t be repeated for the sake of trust and connection: fabrications, dishonesty, adultery, addiction, rage, disrespect – that sort of repetition.They say grace loves... More