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Rev. Will Van Der Hart of Mind and Soul debunks the myths of being a Christian and having the blues. More

So what are you going to buy him for Christmas? That one person in your life who is impossible to buy... More

Trust in the LORDWhen you Google stress relief, mostly what you discover is relaxation techniques. Take a hot bath. Watch some television to get your mind off things. Spend more time with friends. Some... More

A Christian youth worker says churches are of not doing enough to prevent suicide amongst young peop... More

I attend a multicultural church in a gentrified post-riot part of London.I love it and as I look around... More

I remember, about 7 years ago, I fell head over heels in love with someone. Gosh he was handsome: blue eyes, a smile so flawless Colgate were willing to donate a generous bid for his teeth, body like Brad... More

David Cameron proposed a recall Bill during the 2009 expenses scandal and included it in the 2010 Conservative manifesto. Labour MPs supported the Bill at Second Reading but there is concern that the measure... More

I believe if we were better at the break ups, we’d be better at dating; allowing relationships to just ‘not work out’, rather than feeling a failure – echoing an exposure to the broken hearted who witness... More

Celebrate those you loveWe never lose those we give to God, but we are created to both love and miss... More

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