Saving money with Christian experts

We've put together a catalogue of some recommended companies to help you make the best of your finances. Read - in their own words - what they have to offer you.


Financing your car? We're hard to beat.

The Autosave Challenge aims to beat any bank. Go on, give us a go.

At Autosave we make it quick and easy to arrange second hand car finance for our customers. Some dealers might have you queuing at the bank, filling in loads of forms and then waiting on a decision to be approved – not us though!

Try our online car finance calculator and see just how competitive we are. 

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Harvest Partnership

Our clients are individuals and families who have either approached us directly in response to our advertising or are referred by an existing client or their professional adviser. Primary goals are to meet specific financial objectives, which may include the delivery of regular investment income whilst also growing capital over the medium to long-term.

Our strength and expertise are found in our thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of investment gained over many years and our ability to deploy rigorously proven strategies tailored to individual circumstances. Our wealth of experience is evident in each and every solution that we design. This, coupled with the highest standards of ongoing service and attention to detail, is beyond price. That is what sets us apart from other advisers.

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M. Olubi Solicitors 

M. Olubi Solicitors take passion in the provision of legal services, hence the phrase ‘commitment to excellence’, as quality is at the forefront of everything we do. With each case, it is the firm’s approach to offer the best legal advice free of charge for the first visit, without obligation whatsoever. The firm believes in a ‘hands-on’ approach to the law backed with personal attention to details. The firm’s creativity and consistency has achieved great results over the years which far exceeded expectations. We will always discuss with clients, our terms of business before embarking upon any transaction and we will not leave you in the ‘dark’ as to what is happening on your matter. We value our clients and aim to keep each client satisfied at all times, as they are the reasons we are who we are.

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Reliance Bank

Reliance Bank has been providing fast, friendly, efficient Christian banking services for over 100 years. In an age where financial security and doubts plague people’s minds, we offer ethical banking services to all our customers whether they be individual, business or charity customers.

Reliance Bank donates the majority of its profits each year to further The Salvation Army’s Christian and charitable work. Each year the donation from Reliance Bank contributes to The Salvation Army’s work in the UK and over 100 countries worldwide. This work includes the provision of: Homeless Centres, Hospitals, Schools, Homes for Children and the Elderly, Health and Educational Services.

Reliance Bank...banking with people for people.

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Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank financing change. Changing finance.

At Triodos Bank, we believe that profit doesn't need to be at the expense of the world's most pressing environmental problems. That's why we finance organisations from organic food and farming businesses and pioneering renewable energy enterprises, to recycling companies and nature conservation projects.

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