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 Our Nation has been rejoicing with jubilee fever for a long time now. It's time that we got to grips with its origins. Surely it's Biblical, don't we read about it in one of Moses' books? Yes, it's in... More

In fact it is very difficult for us 21st Century folk to burst out of the thought patterns that permeate our society, our education system, our everyday life. We think in Greek ways, that is the legacy... More

For many, the passage of time only impinges on daily life at anniversaries, birthdays and New Year celebrations. These events have just one thing in common - they are strung together through the passage... More

One person's died in stormy weather - as winds of up to 100mph continue to batter parts of Britain. More

About a week before his crucifixion, Jesus was approaching Jerusalem and started weeping. He gave his reasons in Luke 19:42, 'if you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace - but... More

How do things pan out as we move into the Medieval Church? In our historical overview, the next key Christian thinker on our journey was Thomas Aquinas, the most important and influential Christian philosopher... More

The Roman general Pompey took Jerusalem in 63BC, slaughtering some 12,000 Jews in the process - a tragic pattern set at the time of the Babylonians, but sadly not to end there, as history will bear evidence.... More

But the long and the short of it is that I don’t believe in tithing. At least not the sort of tithing that much of the church teaches us about.  Here’s why:There are a lot of things I really like about... More

Some people of course remain unconvinced – they see tithing as an important part of being a Christian.I don’t, because I believe that grace opens the door to a whole new level of giving. A “New Covenant”... More

We read last week of the ideas of Plato infliltrating the early Church. Now we are going to start to see exactly how this happened ...It all started with the Jews, strangely enough, or one in particular.... More