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Euroscepticism comes in two forms. One, to which UKIP belongs, is hostile to the EU in principle and takes a nationalist objection to supra-national bodies. The other, to which many Conservative and Labour... More

First, it means managing the economy to reduce the deficit and create two million more jobs to achieve full employment. Governments don’t create many jobs, especially if they want to cut public expenditure,... More

The main political parties have set out what they plan to achieve if they are elected. More

No matter where one stands on the centenary anniversary of the Armenian genocide, or on what fence one... More

The case against this level of aid rests on five arguments. The first is that we cannot afford this level of charity. The 0.7% target means a budget of £11.3 billion this year, which will grow or shrink... More

The UKIP leader Nigel Farage has insisted the UK should only accept "a few thousand" Christian refugees... More

A Christian Labour candidate in the upcoming general election has described Sir John Major's warning... More

One answer is to identify the issues that matter most to you and check out what each of the parties are saying about them. The party manifestos are all accessible on the internet so the only cost is your... More

The 35 Bills that were passed included Government measures including Finance Acts empowering changes to tax and duties that we have to pay. Alongside them were Supply Acts authorising public expenditure.... More

The temptation to moan about all this should be resisted. This is how democracy works and it is infinitely better than what happens in North Korea and other dictatorships. Our ancestors campaigned through... More