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Last Sunday, the St Yeghiché Armenian Orthodox Church in London held a Memorial Service for the victims... More

1.    Jeremy: 'There is only one people of God - Nowhere does the Bible speak of two peoples of God.'Nor does it speak of the Trinity. We nevertheless infer the concept from the text. There are plenty... More

Abram wasn’t a missionary bringing God to the Holy Land. He was a pilgrim moving to a region where God was already worshipped. There was already a king-priest in Salem whose name was Melchizedek. He blessed... More

AN 'UNORTHODOX' UPBRINGINGI was brought up in a family that was very firmly atheist. My family made it clear from a young age that belief in a supreme being was the folly of the idiot or those on the lower... More

COLD AND ABANDONEDI think my very first attempt was back in January 2012. It was a bitterly cold winter’s night in Bellingham as I journeyed home from my pastor’s house. The streets were barren and empty,... More

Just as a precursor, many of the things I’m about to share with you come directly from my training with my pastor, Brian Clark. You can find out more about him and my church, Crossroads Baptist Church... More

Experience has shown me that the best way to witness to Muslims is with your actions and then words. I’ve had much more success sharing the Gospel with Muslims I’ve been friends with because they are able... More

The opener is always the most difficult part of witnessing for me. There’s nothing natural about sharing the gospel, so it's quite common to run up against a brick wall. The horrible thing is the longer... More

Once we reached the other side, he greeted us. "You both look like friendly guys to talk to,” he said smiling. “My friends won't listen to me anyway."As we started walking together, John asked us if we... More

Featuring on our Inspirational Breakfast show this week (with John Pantry), Bill Wilson was truly affecting.... More

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