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I gave a testimony at a Christian retreat this summer where I got to talk about my experiences sharing... More

It was a fitting title because there is nothing ordinary about sharing the Gospel. It’s extraordinary work. But I am just an ordinary person. I’ve never had any formal education in this area. I don’t have... More

Miriam Virgo is a Christian police officer who described herself on-air as a ‘multiple rape victim’. She has heard these hurtful comments first-hand and has directly experienced sympathy levels wane once... More

If passed the Bill would allow “competent adults who are terminally ill to choose to be provided with medically supervised assistance to end their own life”. They must have a clear and settled intention... More

Politics is often seen as a dirty business. In recent times there have been many scandals that have made... More

On Channel 4 Cathy Newman repeatedly asked if he thought gay sex is a sin. The Times recently ran a lead article entitled “Illiberal Democrat leader”, noting his abstentions in Parliamentary votes on same-sex... More

Find out more about the symptoms of breast cancer, and how the NHS can help. More

I was not motivated by partisan considerations but by the way the electoral system distorted the result. The majority party was opposed by 63% of those who voted. SNP won 56 seats with 4.5% of the vote... More

Over the past few weeks, a number of events made me realise that religion - some mistakenly refer to... More

San AndreasRating 7½/10  12A  114 minsDisaster films tend to follow a tried and tested pattern – something bad happens and a hero emerges who, against all odds, saves his wife/girlfriend/son/daughter.... More

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