Christian Aid Week // Big Brekkie 2019

Big Brekkie is the most important meal of the year.

Throughout the Bible, we see people coming together to share food and take action.

Breaking bread. Building fellowship. Changing the world.

We’re inviting you to join this tradition with a Big Brekkie this Christian Aid Week, 13-19 May. By bringing your friends, family or even your church together over breakfast you can raise money to challenge injustice around the world.

As Christians were inspired by Jesus’ passion for justice to raise money for those living in poverty. Christian Aid stands for dignity, justice, equality and love. We work in over 30 countries around the world with partner organisations to fight poverty. This Christian Aid week we are focusing on Sierra Leone and raising funds, through Big Brekkies, to help expectant mothers. Sierra Leone is the most dangerous place in the world to give birth.

Mothers like Jebbeh, who is expecting her first child. She is excited and scared, but she is also mourning. Her sister should have given birth recently but when she went into labour she had to walk for three hours in the hot sun to reach a local hospital. Tragically Jebbeh’s sister didn’t make it to the hospital, she died by the side of the road and she never gave birth. Jebbeh is mourning her sister and scared of what will happen to her when she goes into labour.

This story is far too familiar in Sierra Leone. The country lost many of medical staff in the Ebola crisis that ravaged the country a few years ago, medical facilities are now unfit for purpose and expectant mothers fear for their safety and that of their unborn child as they know there aren’t enough resources available to keep them safe.

We want this to change. Help us raised funds by hosting a Big Brekkie this Christian Aid Week so we can support our partners to train midwives, buy essential delivery equipment, improve medical facilities and remove the fear from women who should be able to find joy in their pregnancy.

If you could raise £300 with a Big Brekkie, this would be enough for a delivery mattress in a Labour Clinic.

Last year over 2,600 people signed up to Big Brekkie helping Christian Aid Week raise an incredible £8.5m. Be part of Big Brekkie. Join in by ordering your free pack with everything you need from