Easter Schedule 2021

A full list of programming over the Easter period

Maundy Thursday 2nd April


Programmes as normal until…


1200-1230 Maundy Thursday Communion with Rev David Senior


Programmes as normal until…


1700-1800 Patient 13: What made Judas betray Jesus? (CTVC radio drama)


Programmes as normal until…


2200-2300 Maundy Thursday Communion with Rev David Senior (repeat)


Good Friday 3rd April - Programmes as normal until…


1000-1200 Stations of the Cross

Join Christians around the world as we journey with the stations of the cross towards Jesus's crucifixion and death. Recorded in Birmingham, with images available online of the stations themselves, we will hear personal insights into the 14 stations as we too can stop and consider their meaning to us also, at this time...


1200-1300 Good Friday Service from Lindisfarne

We journey to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne this Good Friday to explore reconciliation with the Revd Canon Dr Sarah Hills.


1400-1530 Centurion

Centurion follows the Passion week story through the eyes of Longinus, a battle hardened and seasoned Roman soldier stationed in Jerusalem the week Jesus arrives. Facing pressure from Pilate to suppress the influence of Jesus but being torn by the faith of his new servant Rachel, Longinus faces his biggest battle to date; He must choose between the hope of redemption or his duty to Rome. Centurion is a story about forgiveness and salvation told through an original storyline and immersive sound design. This new take on the classic Passion play offers a fresh perspective of the Easter story.


1600-1700 Stainers Cruxifiction

First performed at Marylebone Parish Church in 1887 – this is John Stainer’s classical interpretation of Christs’ final hours.


1700-1800 Good Friday Voices

A few years ago, Premier’s Northern Correspondent Ian Britton met retired fireman George Barber from County Durham. Over a coffee in his home in Durham he shared how he’d come to faith on Good Friday. Out of this conversation was born “Good Friday Voices”. A collection of stories with one thing in common. They all happened at Easter.


Holy Saturday 4th April - programmes as normal until…


1400-1600 Afternoon with Josh Carter


1600-1700 In His Steps

Julia Fisher embarks on her first pilgrimage to Jerusalem, following Christ’s steps through Holy Week – visiting historic landmarks in the Holy Land, believed to have been the actual sites mentioned in the Bible.


1700-1800 The Carpenter (radio drama)


1800-1900 Unbelievable? Easter Special with Justin Brierley and Ruth Jackson


Programmes as normal until…


2000-2100 The Profile with Terri Goodyear

One drunken night, Terri Goodyear’s life drastically changed forever. We hear from a woman who went to prison for the murder of her husband. But why did she commit such a horrific crime, and could God’s forgiveness and redemption reach someone capable of such an act?


2100-2130 A Word In Season with John Pantry (repeat of last week)


2130-2200 Today with Jeff Vines


2200-0000 In His Steps (repeat)


Easter Sunday 5th April – programmes as normal until…


0700-0800 All Souls in Easter Praise with Noel Treddinick


0800-1000 Hearts & Hymns at Easter with Pam Rhodes


1000-1300 Worship At Home this Easter with Simon Ward


1300-1400 Why Easter? With Canon J John

J.John explains the meaning of Easter.


1400-1500 Premier Life with Dr. Micha Jazz


Programmes as normal until….


1600 Easter Sunday Service from Warrington

The service will be led by the Revd Jonathan Bramwell of the Lymnn Baptist Church


Programmes as normal…


Easter Monday 6th April. Programmes as normal until…


1000-1200 Heaven, How I Got Here? (from Unlocking the Bible)

What if you woke up one morning knowing it was your last day on earth?

That’s what happened to the thief on the cross, who died a few feet from Jesus. Heaven, How I Got Here is his story, told in his own words, as he looks back from heaven on the day that changed his eternity, and the faith that can change yours. 


1200-1300 Thank you Rick…(a tribute to Rick Easter)


1300-1400 All Together Now & All Souls in Praise Bitesize


1400-1500 This is My Story, This is My Song with Luis Palau

Taken from our archive, Cindy Kent talks to the late evangelist Luis Palau about his story and favourite songs. We also hear his thoughts on Easter.


1500-1600 The Profile (repeat of Sat)


1600-1700 J John, Why Easter? (repeat of Friday)


1700-1800 Essential Praise with Phil Loose


Programmes as normal…