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By adding your name to our petition, a letter of support will be sent to your MP asking them to write to the regulator and ask them to retain Premier’s national coverage.

Here is a copy of the Letter of Support:

Letter of Support

I am alarmed to hear that Premier Christian Radio is in a fight to keep its national coverage on the Digital One network, which it may soon lose.

I believe the programming Premier offers is both unique and essential to our nation.

It offers regular news programmes, topical discussion and original commentary. Christians like me won’t be able to find anything else on the radio that could replace it.

I understand that the bandwidth will go to yet another pop music station. This would be a real shame. There are plenty of stations that I can tune into if I want to listen to pop music - but there won’t be another broadcaster that can replace Premier Christian Radio.

The contract for national broadcasting of Premier comes to an end on March 31st.Ofcom needs to step in urgently to help retain Premier’s national coverage.

The decision to take Premier off the air waves and instead have more non-stop music stations radically changes the output of the national network.

That is why I want Ofcom to reject this change. If Ofcom feels there might be reasons to allow it, then at the very least it should consult Premier listeners, supporters and the wider Christian community.

The decision to change the output of Digital One and replace the UK’s only speech-based national digital Christian radio station would be a disaster for the nation’s major faith group.

I understand that this is a busy time for you and so I don’t expect a response. I would ask you, however, that you write to Ofcom and ask them to reject the change.

A briefing paper is available on request from Premier by calling 0207 316 1384.

Yours sincerely,

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