Vanishing Girls

This week on Premier Christian Radio in association with our charity partner ADF International, we will be highlighting the practice of sex selective abortion in India.

This is an almost routine occurrence in parts of India with over 50,000 female fetuses aborted each month. These are India’s Vanishing Girls. While there are legal precedents in place to help stop these sex selective abortions happening, it’s education within the community which will stop these innocent lives from being taken.

The social and economic impacts of vanishing girls are already being felt throughout Indian society and it’s only through your support that a difference can be made.

A gift of £17 this week will educate and train a community leader, to change attitudes towards sex selective abortions. Also, it's this gift of £17 that will save countless lives. You can help save that first life today by donating online or freephone 0800 197 3435.


With every donation of £17 you’re helping to transform a community and save a life.