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Justin Brierley talks to Os Guinness, author and social critic. More

Justin and Lucy Brierley ask Tom questions on racism, other religions, the problem of suffering, heaven... More

Tom talks about his own experience of praying in tongues and why he disagrees with the view that the... More

Tom responds to the claim that Jesus mythicist Richard Carrier has debunked the view that women’s testimony... More

Evangelist Becky Pippert, bestselling author of ‘Out Of The Saltshaker’, talks to Justin Brierley about... More

Renowned Christian thinker William Lane Craig tells Justin Brierley how to respond to online atheists... More

For the Ask NT Wright Anything podcast, updates, bonus content and to ask your own questions register... More

Tom Wright responds to a listener who feels let down and betrayed by L’Arche founder Jean Vanier after... More

Justin Brierley has moderated hundreds of lively debates on Christianity and atheism, but when a renowned... More

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