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NT Wright responds to a question on whether the birth narratives in Matthew and Luke are historically... More

What does it mean to say that ‘Jesus died in our place’ on the cross? Tom Wright responds on how we should... More

An atheist poses an objection to the crucifixion to Biblical scholar Tom Wright.  More

A listener asks about William Lane Craig’s critique that “NT Wright has this very peculiar view that... More

Leading Bible scholar Tom Wright answers Mike’s question about where his father is, following his de... More

The UK’s most famous illusionist recently sat down with the country’s best known vicar to talk about... More

Justin Brierley hosts a public dialogue between Christian Andy Bannister and atheist humanist Justin... More

Justin presents a live audience edition of the show from Church Everyday in Northridge, California. He’s... More

Hannah Timson of Humanist Students UK and Sharon Dirckx of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics... More

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