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Bestselling historical author Tom Holland took part in a revealing dialogue with New Testament scholar NT Wright More

Justin Brierley recently hosted an Unbelievable? debate on 'The Atheist Christmas Album', which takes all the Christian references out of classic Christmas... More

Nabeel Qureshi, a prominent Christian apologist who converted from Islam, passed away on Saturday 16th September aged 34. Justin Brierley knew him, and... More

Being public about her Christian beliefs is something Sally Phillips is, justifiably, a bit nervous about. Loud professions of faith have never been the key to success in showbusiness, and most of her... More

It's been revealed that the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has a different father to the one he had assumed all his life.Welby says it was a 'complete shock' to discover, on the basis of a DNA test,... More

I recently spent a lovely relaxed morning with my family, starting with breakfast at a café, followed by a mooch around some town centre shops, and finished by a visit to the cinema to watch the new Minions... More

'Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated'. So said writer Mark Twain after a 19th century newspaper mistakenly published his obituary.The same could be said of the dear old Church of England.... More

1. Jesus was a bad project managerIf Jesus was in the boardroom with Lord Sugar he would face some serious questions about his management style. What were his goals? Where was his strategy? What were the... More

I once interviewed Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace. It was one of the most memorable interviews of my career for Premier Christianity magazine, as the megachurch pastor ended up turning the tables on... More

Sarah, who also works as an Iraqi relief worker and a doctor at St George’s Clinic, described the horrific situation of a family she met at one of the camps. She relates how, as IS militants attacked their... More

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