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The comedy actress known for her roles in Miranda and Bridget Jones talks about her Christian conversion and her campaign for Down’s syndrome equality More

The Archbishop of Canterbury can be thankful that Jesus himself was born in scandalous circumstances says Justin Brierley. More

As the government urges Church of England bishops to back plans to relax Sunday trading laws, Premier Christianity's senior editor Justin Brierley wonders... More

'Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated'. So said writer Mark Twain after a 19th century newspaper mistakenly published his obituary.The same could be said of the dear old Church of England.... More

1. Jesus was a bad project managerIf Jesus was in the boardroom with Lord Sugar he would face some serious questions about his management style. What were his goals? Where was his strategy? What were the... More

I once interviewed Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace. It was one of the most memorable interviews of my career for Premier Christianity magazine, as the megachurch pastor ended up turning the tables on... More

Sarah, who also works as an Iraqi relief worker and a doctor at St George’s Clinic, described the horrific situation of a family she met at one of the camps. She relates how, as IS militants attacked their... More

...and I mean it this time! Yes, with the new look website the Unbelievable? Blog will be back in business.Subscribe to the blog for regular updates on what's happening on the show, exclusive extra content,... More

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