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I first read his name when following up a comment by John Ortberg, then teaching pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, Chicago. I was in the car park of Eastleigh Leisure Centre and was listening to... More

Apprenticeships have been the life blood of the UK economy. Would be plumbers, turners, bakers, blacksmiths, potters (to name just a few), learned their... More

We want to be strong leaders. Strong leaders persevere. Strong leaders stay focused on the goal when their church, charity, business is distracted. More

The Newfrontiers family of churches were founded on the idea that God may intervene into our world. And Simon had read about God’s intervention in parts of the Two Thirds world – churches in Africa, Latin... More

There may be times when God gives an individual a particular vision of course, but the New Testament Christianity is a million miles from the ‘Moses on the mountain’ experience that which was special for... More

Many more went to check it out, with some five million attended over 12 years from 1994. It eventually led to a movement known as Catch the Fire, and in 2009, a church known as Catch the Fire, London was... More

It was indeed excellent and I was happy to pass it in to a fellow Agricultural Economics student.Fast forward 30 years to 2004 and I discover that the author of this book, Josh McDowell was coming to Premier... More

Dull moments are rare. But imagine if you had to do just one thing? And imagine that one thing was funerals?Well that’s the experience of a recent guest, on the Leadership File, Colin Green. He just leads... More

But in his leadership definition, we all lead. Some of us badly, some unconsciously, and some reluctantly. But we all do.Let’s back up for a minute. Trevor heads us emerging-leaders.net, a charity that... More

Well, according to Neil Hudson, it’s is time for church leaders to change the contract they have with their church. He is the author of Imagine Church, a book that reflects on a series of pilot projects... More

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