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We headed over to Kenya with Dr Peter Halestrap and asked are they ready for Coronavirus. More

Lee Russell, Director of the Christian Police Association, spoke to John and Craig about how the police are dealing with the situation after we heard about new lockdown More

Is God asleep in all of this? What is he up to? John and Craig spoke to J.John on Breakfast More

What is the Evangelical Alliance up to? We spoke to Gav Calver on Inspirational Breakfast with John Pantry... More

Important to stay fit and healthy and so we invited Rosemary Conley on the phone. Rosemary chatted with... More

Lucy wanted to speak about her church but sees how close Premier is to her as well.  More

But is this necessary? No says Nancy Goudie there is another way. Nancy talked to Craig. More

Jeanie rang simply to say thanks. John and Craig had a chat More

How do we think beyond ourselves for those around us? Krish Kandiah spoke with Craig and John on Breakfast... More

What are Premier doing at this time? Peter Kerridge spoke with John and Craig on Inspirational Break... More

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