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Rachel spoke to Tim Morfin from TLG and asked what are the stats and HOW is TLG playing their part?? More

God will bring some good out of the horror.. said Bishop Rev Stephen Cottrell as he spoke to Rachel Redeemed this morning on Breakfast. More

In these times we all need a pick me up. Simon Carver spoke to Rachel about something light to watch on tv. More

Just where do you start with supporting Health Care Workers. Rachel caught up with HJ Coulston on this... More

Rachel Redeemed spoke to the CEO Toby Hughes about the Little Worship Company. But what are they are... More

Carl said, "He was stood in the street with a trumpet" but what was he talking about with Rachel Redeemed... More

What would be on your heart from God to share at this time? We asked Malcolm Duncan to share and give... More

Good Friday and the Wintershall Play is about to start in Trafalgar Square. But not this year... so whats... More

Rachel Redeemed spoke with Lea Milligan Director of Mercy Ships about Corona and World Health Day More

Gavin and Ann Calver explained what was happening next with Spring Harvest At Home. Rachel spoke to them... More

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