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BCDO announced on their pages they were having to cancel the event. Hear Tim Jupp talk with John and... More

This week on Big Breakfast, Craig is joined by the all-knowing and all-wise, Paul Anderson-Walsh. He... More

John and Craig caught up with Danny Scott who came in and spoke about life before performance. More

He was about to leave the wife and family but God did something amazing. Nathan Blackaby from Christian... More

Getting himself into trouble but being faithful to God. Ishmael caught up with Craig and Rachel for a... More

John and Craig spent time talking Mountain Moving Prayer with Debra Green OBE.  More

Have you ever wondered if a good decision made today, could end up being a bad one in the future?Well,... More

John and Craig spoke to Francis Anan Director Escape From Pretoria. Based on the real-life prison break... More

Lava Lamps, Copper Sulphate and Breaking of Bread both for children and our vintage audience.  Craig... More

What on earth is the Ginger Vicar up to? 500 Miles, a Stone, a Cross and a Surfboard! Richard talks with... More

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