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It's Valentine's Day and what better day to receive this news!Recent research paints an encouraging picture... More

How can we as the Church become more effective in transforming our communities, when there is a lack... More

Do you have a desire to see the Gospel message transform your community? Perhaps you feel led to speak... More

So far this year, two teenagers have lost their lives to knife crime this year. Police are considering... More

Where is my life going? Will I end up alone? Am I failing at life? At some point in life many of us will... More

Multi-award winning musical Dreamgirls has just concluded its final performance in the West End, after... More

Scientists have announced plans for the largest experiment ever conducted - can it ever discover the... More

New Year, new adventures - many of us will be embarking on something new this month. Whether that’s a... More

It’s a New Year - you may be considering starting a new hobby like blogging – searching for new and interesting... More

All this month we’re giving you tips to improve various areas of your life in the New Year. Now if your... More

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