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Song writer, Worship Leader and Singer Lucy Grimble talks about her new track Sing I Will Praise.  More

We’ve got to put up our lamp and shine our light. Andy Hawthorne OBE encourages us to get on and share... More

Surely we need to look after those at home first before we deal with hunger overseas. Can Africa help... More

17th Century Japan was a tough place to be a Christian let alone a Jesuit Priest. Shaun Curry has studied... More

When you start work on a house get the foundations right and allow God into each and every room. Neil... More

Reaching guys through football. Seeing God at work in the game. Round 2 of the National Christian Cup... More

You are trained as a solider. You know the purpose. But how does your family deal with this. Sgt Emmanuel... More

Have you written a will or is it too disturbing to think about?Vanessa Blythe is a professional will... More

Stephen Foster is the Preaching Pastor at Holy Trinity Brompton and heads up Alpha UK.Alpha is a series... More

How Can Social Media be of support through traumatic times? Craig and John spoke with Dr. Bex Lewis about... More

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