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As Google, celebrates its 20th birthday this year, Rosie Wright asks what are the main things that’ve changed since its inception. When Google was founded its motto was “Don’t be evil” but much has changed... More

Reverend Simon Carver joins us on Inspirational Breakfast to talk about his recent trip around the coasts of America and how he spent 27 days in 17 states talking to Christians about their opinions on... More

What does it mean to ‘feel called’? Or ‘offer it up to God’? How about ‘too blessed to be stressed’? These phrases and more are but some of the confusing terms used in the Christian community but what... More

John Pantry and Rosie Wright were joined this morning on Inspirational Breakfast by Dr Andrew Parnham,... More

15 years ago today, David Blaine, the American magician climbed into a glass box above the River Thames... More

Andy Walton, a journalist and political commentator, spoke to the Inspirational Breakfast show about... More

In a show where precision, perfection and balance are key, John Pantry and Rosie Wright are joined by... More

The Bible says it very clearly and science backs it up, that the way you think determines how you feel.... More

Teenagers across Britain are getting their GCSE results today; the culmination of years of learning,... More

Christians Against Poverty are no strangers to amazing work and this story proves no different. Paula... More

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