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The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, is one of the most iconic figures in music history to have ever lived. His music will be remembered for generations to come, but what about his faith?President... More

On the 16th of August 1977, the world was stunned by the news that rock n' roll star Elvis Presley had died. His music and legacy is spoken about to this day, but what people don't realise is how much... More

August 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the FA Premier League – one of the most dynamic football leagues in the world.So who better to talk to than with someone who was playing for Newcastle United when... More

Ahead of appearing at Big Church Day Out 2017, Luke and Anna Hellebronth from Worship Central pop by... More

新年快樂! (Happy Chinese New Year!)Dave Rose is joined by the Emmanuel Chinese Church to chat about the traditions... More

Born in Honduras and now living in the UK, Gospel singer Rony Padilla talks to Dave Rose about what the... More

Thrusted on to the world stage during the 1980's, Kajagoogoo helped lead the way in the New Wave sound.... More

In the lead up to Christmas, Richard has released 'The Note', a children's tale which describes the journey... More

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