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Mark Fleming was an atheist growing up – his parents even warned him off getting involved with religion, but in an act of rebellion he attended a church. He shared his story with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues. ... More

James Adams is a Junior Doctor in Manchester. He shares his story of setting up a ministry during his medical studies, and the toll that Covid 19 has had. More

Adrian and Celia Reynolds, authors of book called 'Closer', which is about the struggles and joys of physical intimacy in marriage.They explore difficult topics such as temptation, infidelity, 'solo sex'.... More

LYNDSEY GRANT is from Christian ministry KRUNCH, where a team of people are helping young people who... More

ANDREW McLEAY grew up in Australia. He had a difficult childhood and ended up living on the streets.... More

Kate Patterson has written a book and course to help the body of Christ think about eternity and God... More

Shermara Fletcher of Churches Together shared her story of getting into full-time ministry. More

Natalie Williams of Jubilee Plus believes a church that doesn't try to address the needs of the poor... More

Sally Tate, a leader of the Community Church in Southmead Bristol who currently works as the Bristol... More

Paul Keeble came to England from Northern Ireland in 1978 for a year – and stayed. One-time bass guitarist... More