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Rupert Sheldrake is often regarded as a maverick in science. He had his TED talk on the “Science Delusion”... More
Christians as well as sceptics are often dubious of miracle healing claims. Ken Fish trained under John... More
Mike McHargue (aka Science Mike) joins Justin again to revisit his book 'Finding God In The Waves' about... More
Eminent cosmologists Sean Carroll and Luke Barnes join Justin for an extended edition of the show debating... More
Andy Hill is an atheist who swapped hard-partying for pushing a buggy after his child was born. At a... More
Australian young earth creationist John Mackay joins Justin along with theistic evolutionist Keith Fox... More
To mark the 500th anniversary of The Reformation, Justin interviews two converts. One left his Catholic... More
Andrew Copson of Humanists UK is the author of new book 'Secularism: politics, religion and freedom'.... More
In the first half of today's show Justin puts listener questions to eminent sociologist of religion Rodney... More
Alvin Plantinga is being awarded the 2017 Templeton Prize in honour of his lifetime contribution to philosophy.... More

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