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Prof Richard Swinburne is one of the most influential Christian philosophers in the world. In his new... More
Historian Tom Holland debates atheist philosopher AC Grayling in a lively edition of The Big Conversation. They... More
Justin re-airs a classic show from 2010 in which Peter Hitchens debates with atheist scientist Adam Rutherford... More
Can chemistry crack the mystery of the origin of life? Or does the information required for Life to begin... More
Recorded in front of a live audience in California, Justin hosts a discussion between Christian thinker... More
Just swaps his moderator’s chair for being a debater in this week’s live show recorded in front of a... More
The mystery of mind and consciousness are causing some philosophers to move away from physicalist explanations... More
Arguably, no individual has influenced the course of history more than Jesus of Nazareth. But, can we... More
The first two chapters of Genesis are among the most contested in the Bible when it comes to evolution... More
Church leader Steve Chalke isn’t afraid of causing controversy in the evangelical circles he once moved... More

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