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In 19th Century America Joseph Smith claimed to have been given a new revelation of God and Jesus Christ.... More
Could the DNA that makes up the building blocks of life of every living thing on the earth be the clue... More
As the world marks Darwin's bicentenary, Nick Spencer of Christian thinktank Theos and author of the... More
"The Atheist's Bible" (Duckworth & Co) has been a bestseller in the USA. It brings together a mass of... More
On the surface Christadelphians look very similar to Christians - they read the same Bible, go to church,... More
Justin is joined for the seond time by New Testament scholars Michael F Bird And James G Crossley. Their... More
On this week's show (17 Jan 09) two New Testament scholars go head to head. Michael Bird is a believer,... More
Bart Ehrman lost his faith altogether when he confronted the problem of how a loving, powerful God can... More
Bart Ehrman is the US author of the bestselling book "Misquoting Jesus" (In the UK "Whose word is it?").... More
A treat for the end of the year as Justin plays some exclusive content accumulated in the past year.... More

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