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Well known USA Intelligent Design advocate Tom Woodward takes on the National Secular Society's science... More
Former Regius professor of Divinity at Oxford University Keith Ward has written a response book to The... More
Jonathan Castro runs an anti-church website. He believes in Christianity but says he has never felt like... More
An in depth interview with veteran apologist Norman Geisler who co-founded the Southern Evangleical Seminary... More
Should the Government fund schools that promote Christianity? Church of England spokesperson on Education... More
Justin is joined by seasoned Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga as they explore the problem of Evil... More
Justin continues his chats across the pond during July as he interviews William Lane Craig, one of the... More
In a break with the usual format of the show, Justin begins a series of in depth interviews with some... More
Muslim guests Adnan Rashid and Hamza Tzsortist join Justin Brierley as they defend Islam's record and... More
Justin is joined by atheist Jack Conrad of the Communist Party of Great Britain. He says belief in God... More

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