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This week your support is vital in giving Premier Christian Radio the best chance of meeting the increased cost of our broadcasts. If we can't meet these costs, our licence may not be renewed. Please consider donating below to keep Premier on the air. God bless!

This week, Premier Christian Radio needs your support to continue broadcasting to a national audience. Today your help is really important. Everything you give will be a blessing to us. Please do keep praying that Premier manages to make it to 2015 without going silent - to a nation in need of the hope found in Jesus Christ.


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God bless everyone who are praying at the moment and everyone that helped to contribute to the target.


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The Pope has said he won't rule out speaking to so called Islamic State (I.S.), if he thought it could bring about peace in Iraq and Syria.

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A survey of more than 2,000 Christians has found only one in four play sport regularly - ten per cent less than the general public.