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Justin hosts a discussion between Mara Clarke of the... More
Nick Spencer is the author of Atheists: The Origin... More
Graham Ward is Oxford Regius professor of Divinity.... More
Two young, intelligent thinkers join Justin to debate... More

Why I believe

Alister McGrath, scientist and theologian, talks to... More
Professor John Lennox is a top Oxford Mathematician.... More
Tim Keller is a New York Pastor and the best-selling... More
Justin Brierley talks to Os Guinness, author and social... More
A presentation by Dr. Ken Samples of Reasons To Be More
From Unbelievable The Conference 2012 Dvd More
Taken from 'Unbelievable The Conference 2012' Dvd More
Talks given by Daniel Rodger, Peter Byrom and Hugh More


The Turin Shroud has been an enigma for hundreds of... More
Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J. is the lead astronomer... More


Faith Not Faries
Christian apologists Simon Edwards and Heather Tomlinson... More
Philosopher AC Grayling
Philosopher AC Grayling has made it his mission to... More
Miracles Part II: This time it's local
Last month Justin Brierley reported on miracle accounts... More
Christian apologist Amy Orr-Ewing responds to some... More
Justin introduces the relaunch of the blog. More
My husband was once offered a job working in a leadership More
I'm so pleased that Alister McGrath is our keynote More
I love Facebook, Twitter and social media – it’s a More