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A meeting of top biologists from around the world at the Royal Society last November was convened to... More
Christian apologist John Cranman presents his version of the Moral Argument arguing that God is the best... More
Frank Turek is a Christian apologist, author and host of the US radio call in show Cross Examined. His... More
Wayne Rossiter was an atheist biologist who experienced an adult conversion to Christianity. He also... More
David Marshall is a Christian thinker and author whose latest book “Jesus is no Myth!: The fingerprints... More
Randal Rauser is a Christian theologian and philosopher, Justin Schieber is an atheist philosopher. They’ve... More
Joe Ogborn is a Christian who has been going to church in Cambridge with his friend Tom Hallam for several... More
In a New Year's Eve special, Justin interviews two women involved in theology and apologetics in different... More
In a Christmas Eve edition of the show Justin is joined by Christian guest Colin Nicholl, atheist Aaron... More
Hitler is often claimed to have been an atheist or a Christian by believers and skeptics eager to put... More

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