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Has Neuroscience killed God? Dr Alasdair Coles vs Martyn Frame - Unbelievable? 21 Jan 2012

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Saturday 21st January 2012 - 02:30 am

 Continuing our Mind, Body and Soul month of programming on Premier, Justin is joined by a Christian and an atheist as they discuss whether people's religious experiences can be explained by brain activity alone. Revd Dr Aladair Coles is an academice neurologist in Cambridge and part of the Faraday Institute's Test of Faith initiative. He says that even though neuroscience has helped us understand the brain activity of religious people, atheist scientists such as Sam Harris have not thereby disproved God.

Martyn Frame is a psychological therapist and atheist. He believes that people's brain states fully explain their religious experiences and, in any case, the Christian God would not have given us the brains we have if He existed.

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