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With his brand new album 'Awaken To Love' out, Liverpudlian Ian Yates joins Loretta live in the studio... More
Ralph Winter, the multi-award winning movie producer that was involved with some of the original Star... More
It's exactly 50 years ago today that Star Trek hit the screens, and to mark the occasion we hear from... More
Could you leave everything you know and love behind to embark on a one-way mission to Mars? That's exactly... More
The current President of this institution, established in the 1930's, talks to Loretta about space travel,... More
A Jesuit Priest and director of the Vatican Observatory, Brother Guy has spent his entire life talking... More
Cris is a huge Star Wars fan and uses his love all of all things sci-fi to engage with the community... More
An Oxford and Cambridge professor who has published nearly 600 papers, cited 16,000 times and worked... More
Revd Ken Clapham, from Liverpool, is well-known for speaking about space travel in schools and his links... More
Cindy Kent sits in for Loretta and catches up with the fabulous Bryn Haworth, one of original Christian... More

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