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Some people believe that Christians get married to prevent themselves falling into sexual sin. But is that a good enough reason to tie the knot nowadays? It's a tough question to answer. The purpose of... More

The whole issue of infant baptism is a contentious topic amongst Christians. Many Christians believe that only adults can be baptised. Whereas many other... More

One of the devil’s top lies is that life is 'all about you.' That's according to Berni Dymet from Christianityworks. He says, 'At last count there were... More

Does the Good Samaritan exist in Britain? According to the Bible Society, 2 out of 3 adults are worried... More

Today’s contemporary society is obsessed with the idea of ‘cool’. But can you be cool and a ‘child of... More

With most of us owning profiles on social media sites and having access to numerous TV channels, unfortunately... More

I remember the Sundays of my childhood, in the 1950’s in Liverpool. Time of tranquillity, peace, of nothing to do: even football outside was forbidden, it was the ‘Lord’s Day.’  Even Church was a break... More

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